We specialize in aggressive speed-to-shelf marketing by expanding market-share and creating new accounts and product sales with retailers, distributors, and wholesalers otherwise unattainable by our partners.

Sales Outsourcing

We create the programs, provide the agents, and completely manage our teams internally.

Marketing Plans

We create comprehensive marketing plans for businesses that want to improve their bottom lines.

Why Trade Turbine?

Because in this market place, performance is everything.

We accelerate sales volume at rates incomparable with competing marketing agencies. We set our benchmarks high while our closing ratios are unmatched.

We are highly selective in our brand partnership choices and focus on particular client product characteristics that position us to consistently over achieve.

Accounts & Contacts

Trade Turbine specializes in retail grocery sales and marketing in big box chains with 100+ distribution points.
Executive level relationships at many of the top big box chains have helped us to manage some of the fastest growing food & beverage brands in recent years.

About Us

Headquarterd in San Luis Obispo, Ca - our field agents come from various backgrounds representing wholesale, manufacturing, retail, and service industries.

Industry focuses include food & beverage, consumer electronics, and software applications.

Our broad network and knowledge of the various levels permit a refined sales procedure that is scientifically based rather than dependent on superstar agents.

Our list of programs are broad while each is specifically tailored to meet the criteria of each new partner.

Contact us

Trade Turbine
860 Walnut Street
Suite 8
San Luis Obispo

Phone: +1-805-541-3620